High Rebound Grade Silicone Rubber

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    This product has good processability and comprehensive physical properties of ordinary silicone rubber, as well as excellent resilience, applicable to manufacturing of various O-rings, sealing elements and other silicone rubber products requiring excellent elastic resilience. This product is available as a milk-white translucent finished product, or compound with curing agent pigment, or sliced product.

Category Product model Appearance Hardness
Shore A
Tensile strength
Mpa ≥
Elongation at break
% ≥
Breaking set
% ≤
Tear strength B
kN/m ≥
Specific density
25℃ g/cm3
% ≥
For molding NE-GT141 Milk-white translucent 40±2 6.5 380 6 16 1.13±0.05 65
NE-GT151 50±2 7.5 300 7 20 1.15±0.05 60
NE-GT161 60±2 7.5 280 7 20 1.18±0.05 55
NE-GT171 70±2 7.0 200 6 18 1.22±0.05 50

Addition of curing agent: liquid 2,5-Dimethyl-2,5-di(tert-butylperoxy)hexane, silicone rubber 0.65%.Test piece vulcanization condition: 175℃×5min.
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