110 Methyl Vinyl Silicone Gum

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    Methyl vinyl gum is a high molecular polysiloxane compound synthesized with high-quality siloxane and vinyl. This series can be divided into two major categories: methyl-terminated and vinyl-terminated. Those with an "S" in the model number are vinyl-terminated methyl vinyl gum, and the others are methyl-terminated methyl vinyl gum. The 110 series of silicone rubber are elastomers formed at high temperature after reinforcing agent (silicone dioxide) and additive are added and can be used to manufacture various rubber compound products such as rubber for molding, rubber for extrusion, electrical insulating rubber and flame retardant rubber and further manufacture various silicone rubber products.

Item Index
Vinyl content grade Molecular weight,104 Vinyl content,% Volatile content ,%
Ultra-low Methyl-terminated gum Methyl 110-8 45~80 0.03~0.06 ≤2.0
Vinyl-terminated gum 110-8S
Low Methyl-terminated gum 110-1 45~80 0.07~0.12
Vinyl-terminated gum 110-1S
Ordinary Methyl-terminated gum 110-2 45~80 0.13~0.20
Vinyl-terminated gum 110-2S
High Methyl-terminated gum 110-3 45~80 0.21~0.24
Vinyl-terminated gum 110-3S
Ultra-high Methyl-terminated gum 110-4 45~80 0.25~0.49
Vinyl-terminated gum 110-4S
Methyl-terminated gum 110-5 45~70 0.50~0.79
Vinyl-terminated gum 110-5S
Methyl-terminated gum 110-6 45~70 0.80~1.79
Vinyl-terminated gum 110-6S
Methyl-terminated gum 110-7 45~60 1.80~5.00
Vinyl-terminated gum 110-7S

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