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DJS starts to build its second high-temperature silicone rubber production base

Time:2019-11-11 17:08Writer:djsilicone View:973

In response to the global increasing demand for high-temperature silicone rubber, and to meet the growing demand of customers for our high-temperature silicone rubber, Dongjue Silicone Group Co., Limited (“DJS”) invested in the establishment of second high-temperature silicone rubber production base - Anhui Dongjue Silicone Co., Ltd. (“Anhui Dongjue”). The construction of Anhui Dongjue started on November 11, and the Phase I of the project is expected to be completed and put into production in 2021.

Anhui Dongjue is located in Ma’anshan Hexian Provincial Fine Chemical Industrial Park, with a total investment of RMB 1 billion and covering a total area of 159,000 sqm, of which 89,000 sqm is used for Phase I. After the completion of the project, Anhui Dongjue will have an annual capacity up to 290,000 tons of high-temperature silicone rubber, of which 190,000 tons are silicone gum and 100,000 tons silicone rubber compounds. The above planning and implementation plan has been reviewed and approved by the relevant state functional department. All products of Anhui Dongjue will use the “ djsilicone®” trademark held by DJS.

Dongjue Silicone (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. (“Nanjing Dongjue”), the first production base of DJS, was founded in 1996. It covers an area of more than 333,000 sqm and has a construction area of 84,000 sqm. Currently, Nanjing Dongjue has a total capacity of high-temperature silicone rubber up to 150,000 tons, of which 80,000 tons are silicone gum and 70,000 tons silicone rubber compounds. It sells more than 90,000 tons of rubber products annually. DJS has maintained a leading market share of high-temperature silicone rubber in mainland China for more than 10 years, and has exported products to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, accounting for more than 15% of the total sales.

Going forward, DJS will continue to optimize and improve its footprint in the global high-temperature silicone rubber market. With the aim of “Meticulous efforts on highest quality; Maximized endeavor on customer satisfaction”, it is committed to providing high-quality and more cost-effective high-temperature silicone rubber products for customers at home and abroad, and better meet customer needs for delivery time and application support.