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The Company Conducts Inspection on Safe Production in Summer

Time:2019-07-03 22:54Writer:djsilicone View:1430

    In order to achieve active prevention, implement the main responsibility for safe production of the enterprise, and ensure the long and smooth business activities of the enterprise, the general manager of the company organized responsible persons of the production and safety departments to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection of the entire plant area at 16:00 on July 1, 2019. The inspection mainly focused on identification of hidden dangers in utilities of water, electricity and gas, production workshops, laboratories and warehouses, and laid a stress on the safety status of production processes, equipment, electrics, instruments, storage and transportation, hazardous chemicals and high temperature management in summer. After the inspection, the general manager of the company gave a briefing on the results, and the company will draw inferences about other cases from the problems identified in the inspection and implement rectification measures and closed-loop management, so as to ensure the life safety of employees and the property safety of the company.